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On A Warpath Until I Die

Jake Dangerfield | Ottawa, Canada | 20 | Agnostic | Death Metal | Progressive Metal | Deathcore | Metalcore | Hardcore |

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Hello gaise, i just woke up and I’m dead from last night. Someone keep me company and chat!

Facebook: Jake Dangerfield
Kik & snapchat: dangernips

Anonymous asked: What kind of look do you want?

I want to be in shape, have long hair & a beard, lobes stretched to an inch, tatted up neck to ankles & a decent clothing style. Need more windbreakers & snap backs. I dunno it’s really petty but I’ve had an image of the kinda person I want to be & look like for years.

Anonymous asked: I wish you would stop being so self-concious. You are a really cool guy and i think i saw a selfie a longtime ago, you are very handsome and any girl will be lucky if you end up dateing them

Ive always been self concious since i was a kid. I have a specific look i want and ill never be happy until i get it. But i really do appreciate your kind words anon. Bless you .


Villians // 10-56

August Burns Red

Suicide Silence by Mathieu EZAN on Flickr.

Holy fuck every band brought their A-game. Best show ive been to in years. Im gonna feel this for a few days

Bout to get my mosh on at Summer Slaughter. You know how it is.

lanahack asked: What're you drinkin

I was diving in to some Smirnoff vodka last night. shit gets me right fucked ;-;

Anonymous asked: Don't dink n drance

too late im drancing purty hard rite now

Anonymous asked: What is something you find attractive

a big round butt

ronald-charles asked: how are your things?

its fab

ronald-charles asked: how is your stuff?

its gud

I’m drunk ask me things pls I love you all


CJ McMahon from Thy art is murder playing at Summer Slaughter 2014 in Dallas, Texas.